COMMUNITY GROUPS are places you can connect and grow.
SERVICE GROUPS are ways you can serve and lead.

C O M M U N I T Y   G R O U P S

Kids (ages 0-3) are provided with childcare for all weekly service and class times.

Kids (ages 4-6) have classes for all weekly service and class times.

Kids (ages 7-12) have Sunday morning classes, Sunday morning services, and Wednesday night classes.

Youth (ages 13-18) have Sunday morning classes, Wednesday night services, and frequent social gatherings.

Young Adults (ages 19-29) meet in the Spring and Fall on Thursday nights twice a month at the church or in homes.

Adults (ages 30-49) have Sunday morning classes and seasonal social gatherings.

Senior Adults (ages 50+) have weekly Bible studies and frequent social gatherings at the church and in homes. 

Girl’s Ministry is available for 1st-12th grade on Wednesday nights.

Boy’s Ministry is available for 1st-12th grade on Wednesday nights.

Women’s Ministry meets frequently for social gatherings.

Men’s Ministry meets frequently to help with church-wide work days.

S E R V I C E   G R O U P S

DISCIPLESHIP TEACHER – Prepares weekly to teach a specified age group

OFFICE HELP – Helps with administrative duties involving the church office

TRANSPORTATION – Provides transportation for kids and students to attend weekly services

USHER – Receives tithe and offering during our weekly services

GREETER – Welcomes members and guests at the door and lobby entrances for weekly services

HOSPITAL / HOUSE VISITS – Ministers alongside the pastor to care for the members of Abundant Life Church

PRAYER MINISTRY – Joins in prayer corporately and individually to pray over the needs of Abundant Life Church

PROPERTY MAINTENANCE – Works alongside Board of Trustees to maintain our property and building

WORSHIP TEAM – Leads corporate worship times at our weekly services both musically and vocally

MEDIA TEAM – Provides services with audio and visual technology